Monday, June 1, 2009

Milo + 5 mths = Cereal

That's right Milo is now 5 mths!!! Can you believe it???
I can't! Where oh where does time go?
5 mths means cereal. That's right one more first in my little mans life.

I was having so much fun feeding him and watching him make concerned little
faces that I totally burnt our dinner. I completely forgot
about the bacon on the grill outside.
I was so in the moment of rescoping cereal back into his mouth that
he promptly would spit back out, that I forgot all about the B in our BLT'S.
Sorry my 3 other children enjoy the LT's.
Oh that's right not one of you likes tomatoes and opt for
only bacon on your BLT'S.
So I guess you all get cereal as well!!!

Yea for me Mother of The Year.
Once again!!!!


meg said...

Those are some cute little faces he was making. Have your tried to again since?? Jake says that it's a crying shame that you wasted all that delicious bacon. Bacon, bacon, BACON! That boy loves him some bacon.

Jill said...

So cute, he is so cute. I really want you to take some pictures of my family, it just might be a little tricky to find a day...don't give up on me! :)

Steph said...

But at least the grill is clean...right! Milo is getting so big. I loved having him here the other day, but it did remind me how much work a baby is. I'm glad you had the baby and the work, and I can watch him and hold him now and then to get my fill of those scrumtously chunky thighs!

the mama monster said...

oh no not the bacon! i agree its a shame all that bacon went to waste. i tried to prolong abe eating food as long as i could but he wasn't having it. if he doesn't like cereal you should try avacado, my doctor always recommended we start with that. it was so fun to sit in front of you guys at church and hear milo laughing at abe. bunch of little cuties.

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