Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For my Sister Who I love

My sisters friend Carolyn past away yesterday from cancer.
Jennell I am so sorry for your lost.
Carolyn's was diagnosed a year a go and was supposed to be easily treated.
Well the treatments stopped working and there was nothing
else the Doctors could do. I know her life touched
not only my sisters but also her children and
all the children of their church. She was the Awana director.
(Awana is a program for children and teens.)
Please remember Carolyn's family and friends in your prayers.
From what I know of her she was a woman of God and spent
her life in his service, and I thank her for all that she
has done for my sister and my nieces and nephews.
She will be missed and I am sure all are taking comfort in know she is
now with are Savior and Father in Heaven.
Love you Jennell and I am thinking of you and your friend.

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meg said...

That's so sad. I am sorry to hear that. It is wonderful to hear that she was such an example and loved during her life.

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