Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Date With Mike

It was Mike's turn for a one on one date.
We went out to Mimi's Cafe because Mr Mike had
a gift cert for reaching his AR goal at school.
Way to go Mike.
Then we went hiking up at Fernwood.
Mike loves to hike and I mean he loves it.
It was so much fun and he is so funny and when he hikes
his mouth doesn't stop and I mean none stop chatter!
Some highlights of the chatter.
He looks at the castle up at Fernwood and
asked if any one lives there.
Me: yes
Mike: who
Me: I don't know
Mike: well they must have some money because a house
like that must cost more then the average house
so the people who live there must make more than the average person.
Mike: beware mom I may run off to cool things at any moment.
On the road there was a ton of horse pooh and mike looks
down and said
"People should really clean up after their horse 's dung".
Really who says dung?
As hes running around the forest he singing a random song of a bunch of
doos and daas and some other sounds. Then he comes
up to me and asks if I liked his theme song?
Mike gave me a tutorial on how to rock clime
that went something like this.
Also in his best British accent
When your on a cliff face like this one its best to
stay vertical with the rock wall and
carefully make your way across to safety and always
remember that there can be lose rocks and stay calm
its when you panic that things happen.
Yea he watches Man vs Wild
All in all a great night with my boy. Who warned me where to step and where not to.
Always on the look out for his poor old mom.
Love ya Mike and I can't wait to do it again.

Be kind I took this picture with my cell.
The hole time hiking I kept wishing
I had my camera. Next time I wont leave it behind.


meg said...

I think that one on one dates are fun!

the mama monster said...

oh i love date night with my boys and can't wait until we can do things like hiking together. sounds like mike is a fun little guy.

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