Monday, April 20, 2009

Mike Gets a New Tooth

After 3 years Mike's chipped tooth is no longer

the thorn in my side. I no longer have to

take him to Dr apt every 6 mths or get new fillings put on

because they like to also chip off. Can I please get a hallelujah.

If your wondering how this happened to poor Mr Mike

check it out here. As for me I don't
want to relive that memory just now, right now
I want to party and smile and be happy for my boy!!!!
Which I am!!!

Sorry I must of been to happy to worry about
little things like focusing or holding still.

Once again Hallelujah it is over!!!!


Quoizel said...

Everybody loves new chompers.

meg said...

Hallelujah!! Amen.

the mama monster said...

those are some healthy looking teeth!

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