Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an awesome day!!
The kids where super happy that the Easter Bunny came,
although they found the Easter stuff hidden in the back of my car
they all acted way surprised, go figure.
The boys who have long since know the truth about
such mystical creatures as Santa, the Tooth Ninja (no wimpy Tooth Fairy
for my boys) and the Easter Bunny, still play it up for Lauren.
For which I am grateful.
After church we headed off to Justin's sister's little
two bedroom house and had a lot of laughs even
though we where all packed in there like sardines.
All in all a great day and I am thankful for my Savior for
all that he went throw to make it possible to have a wonderful
Easter and an awesome family to share it with.

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meg said...

Cute family Kem! Love that baby boys checks.

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