Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milo 4 Mth Check Up

Man I cant believe that Milo is 4 mths!!!
Today was his well child check up and poor
Dr Hom I had a billion questions.....
Q: He is really congested and has been for
about 2 mths. Why????
A: He has mild reflex and an ear infection.
So sad my baby's first ear infection.
Q: The kid pees and pees and pees. Why?
A: he is drinking 30 oz a day and really only needs 20
so he is letting go of what he doesn't need.
Don't tell Milo He doesn't need it because he thinks he does
and some times even more.
Q: How do his lungs sound?
A: Great!!! No signs of asthma!!!!
Dr Hom has been are Dr since Dallin was 8 mths
and if anyone knew Dallin at that time you would
understand why I asked this...
He is still on the tall side at almost 25 inch which puts him a little above
the 50%. Ok I know that 50% is average but if he is like my other
babies he'll be around 30 % at his next visit so I'm taking it!
His weight is 14 lbs which is 38 %. I have to say WOW I thought
this kid would be in the 75 or 80 % for weight.
Who knew not me????
And his cute lil head is in the 55 %. Which again I thought
would be bigger..
Happy 4 Mths MY GUY!!!


the mama monster said...

such a cute little squirt! it sounds likes he's growing up perfect, except the poor ear infection. eli has tons of ear infections. try mullien garlic drops ( at health stores) they seem to help alot.

Kem said...

Thanks mama I'll give that a try...

Steph said...

Man that kids gettin old..and oh so cute. Love his chubby little cheeks!

meg said...

Yes, his cheeks are very squishable.

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