Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh How I Wish You Were Mine

Oh my goodness do I ever love this swimsuit from Boden.
And I was already to buy it with Megan's $20 off
coupon, but then I just had to listen to Dave Ramsey talk
show last night and Elder Hales talk this morning.
Why did I have to become aware that this beautiful swimsuit is only
a want and is not the sort of thing to take money out of savings
to buy, and why did my kid's Easter clothes have to take up all
the money in my clothing envelope. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!
Ok I'm done with that. I will just have to wait to buy it next month with
out the lovely coupon from Meg but this is about changing bad habits and
that is worth a 2o dollar coupon any day. Right, Right!
Oh and by the way I found this funny funny video
by Kate Micucci who plays Gooch, Ted the lawer
girlfriend on scrubs. Its called Dear Dear and click here
to watch it. I hope it also bring a smile to your face, it did mine.


meg said...

So sorry. $20 is a great coupon. Expires today....

the mama monster said...

that is a cute swimsuit! i love boden and the good thing about them is that there are usually coupons to be found. so maybe next month will still work out. i love scrubs.

Jake's a Rockin' Bloggin' said...

cool dress!

meg said...

I just had to check out Jake's comment myself. Tee-hee. He's a silly one that one. Oh, did I say that I was avoiding the computer today?? I guess I forgot. But, I did clean up the house, dishes, kitchen, etc, fold laundry and grocery shop. And I got ready for the day. How's that for a successful day??

the mama monster said...

kem the fabric is from a store in logan. it's the coolest antique store i have been to! it is actually in the same building that i was a waitress at back in college. i guess cabin fever cafe went out of buisness and they converted it to the antique store. i got the fabric wehn i was still pregnant with abe. i have looked for old fabric on etsy and ebay with good luck.

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