Monday, May 4, 2009

My Purly Whites

A couple of weeks ago I very very frighteningly went to my dentist
for a cleaning after Milo. I have never escaped pregnancy
with no less than 2 cavities (roughen lil parasites). So with terror I sat down
in the dental chair and all my prays were answered
I always new I loved that boy.
If your looking at the no new cavities and are wondering
if there where any old ones then the answer is yes.
Some how I forgot about 4 old cavities from 2007.
I don't know how I could have let that lapsed I
mean with the lovely sound of drills and the oh so nice jaw
opened for hours, ok maybe not hours but a lot of
minutes. Anyways I went in today and had 3 of the 4 fixed.
and after 4 hours I am no longer completely numb.
The song playing while I was sitting their with no hope of escape
was ground control to major tom which I felt was
very fitting. You know how sometimes a song
comes on and its prefect like if your
life was a movie this is the song they would pick for the back ground
to add a certain mood or feeling to the show.
Which as soon as it came on both my dentist and me started laughing.
Like I said perfect.

This is me happy that the terror is almost over and
a lil scared because I have to go back and not sure if
I'm actually smiling on both sides of my mouth.
To tell the truth I wouldn't go back until it hurt and I had to, but
the dentist is my best friend Jen's brother in law and
we see each other often and he knows were I live and stuff. Darn.
I know I'm a wimp but I have nightmares that my teeth fall out
and I think having some one pound on your teeth is bound to
loosen them and make my nightmares come true.
I might google what that means.
I bet it means I'm afraid of loosing my teeth or
maybe I'm worldly with things like teeth.


meg said...

Youe silly Kem!

the mama monster said...

i have dreams that my gums are really big and my teeth fall out all the time. those are some good lookin teeth.

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