Friday, May 15, 2009

Lauren the Kindergarten Super Star

Today was Lauren's kindergarten program, my last kindergarten program for 6 yrs. It was so much fun!!! She is getting to be such a little performer. Said her line perfect, sang like there was no tomorrow, glowed like she was a super star, bowed and blow kisses to the crowed. I think in her mind this might as well have been New York and she might as well be on Broadway.
The only sad part of the event was that like all school programs, field trips and anything
else school related that happens in the day, Justin couldn't be their to see his
little girl shine in the spotlight.
This picture was taken right after the program and
is Lauren and her 3 best friends.


jodihi said...

I love it! Seriously are those our girls? I cant believe how time flies.

meg said...

I just love our girls! Can't belive how old they look. Will we look back on this photo is just a few short months and think how young they were?? I officially declare myself 2nd mom to all of them.

the mama monster said...

what a cute bunch of little ladies! i can believe that lauren was a performer.

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