Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just returned from California. I know what your saying didn't
you just return from a vacation to wonderful sunny California
like 2 weeks ago!!!! Yes I did.
Before you start thinking I am overly lucky
this trip was to be able to say good by to someone
My Grandma Brown has been sick for a very long time
and it would take a week to tell you everything that is wrong with
this wonderful person. Lets just say she has one foot in heaven and one
here. On Sunday my mom called me and let me know that she didn't have much time and they would be heading out to California. I know happy mothers day right.
So me and Milo and my sisters Jennell and Kristy headed off to the coast with
my parents. I was able to introduce Milo to my Grandma and also say good by
one last time for which I am truly lucky.
Please if you feel like praying add my Grandma and ask for her to be able
to go in peace and with not to much pain.


megitys said...

Your poor Grandma. I am still in such shock when your Mom told me the list of things that she had wrong. Poor Grammy. We are adding her to our list for prayers and to you for peace.

Kem said...

Thanks Meg you are an awesome friend

the mama monster said...

i am so sorry about your grandma.

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