Thursday, August 25, 2016


We did one last summer hooray before school started 
and celebrated what would have been my mom's 62nd birthday! 

Fisher and I pretty much just hung out while Lauren, Evie and Milo 
went on water slides and swam at Cherry Hill with their cousins!

We slept in Grandpa's trailer and the next day really celebrated my mom's birthday
with a trip to Leatherby's!  My favorite is the Almond Joy Sunday with a side of caramel! 
My mom would have loved it!

Also on the 18th I was able to spend sometime with Mike.
It was good to see him and watch what a good big brother he is to Fisher.
I pray that he will be able to see what will give him true happiness 
and that he will find his path back.
We love and miss him.

Justin was off jet setting to pick Dallin up from Texas!
So glad to have Dal home and so thankful that with the help from the program 
in Texas and the med changes that he is doing so well!
There is always hope and his future is full of hope.

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