Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dumb Old Tree Branch!!!!

Last night around 1 am (I know it was around 1 because I was up feeding Evie)
Our light flickered and went out. I thought oh no my Mom's
dumb old tree has finally knocked out our power line! (this stupid tree drops branches every couple of years but has yet to hit our line.)
I looked and a branch was down in our neighbor's back yard,
and a big one was resting against my roof. (which I thought would come down during the night, but didn't) Our power line was up and happily covered in snow.
Everyone's light were out and I happily laid Evie down and went to sleep.
Everyone's lights came back on around 3 am. Well everyone but ours.
Sometime during the night my Mom's dumb old tree dropped one more branch,
and that dumb old branch decided to line it self up with my power line,
and it took it out without a thought of the poor people who now have no power
and are refuges at their Mom's/grandma's home until all is fixed.

Tree branch resting against my house

Big Old Dumb Tree

View from my Mom's. Notice that are power pipe thing is bent
and that we have to fixed power pipe thing before the
power guys can fix our power line.


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

BOO!! It's supposed to be SPRING break not let's break everything possible! Between your house and Ry's car accident, let's hope we don't get the third mishap!

the mama monster said...

ahh kem that is crazy! really how in the world is this happening? i hope all goes well and you get your power on soon.

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