Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My mom has had a bunch of health issues as of late.
First off we thought she had a heart attack,
but when the Dr went in for a closer look all was fine.
They decided that it must be her thyroid causing all the trouble,
she went to a couple more Dr who said that it was her thyroid,
and then they brought up the "C" word.
After a lot of prayers and worries
she went in to have a biopsy of her thyroid.
The results came back that
They removed her thyroid and now hopefully
all will get back to normal for my parents.
I am so thankful for my mother and also for my Savior who has protected
her and blessed her that at least for right now cancer
is not something that we need worry about.
Love you Mom


S and E Frazier said...

Kem, that is such good news about your mom. It freaks me out to think about my parents getting sick. I hope she is feeling better now. As for that storefront in my picture, you must go there! It is called
Frosty Darling. If you think the window is cool, just wait until you go inside. It's definitely not for everyone, but I know you will absolutely Love it and appreciate it. It's a kitschy, vintage wonderland. It's in Salt Lake just east of State Street on 300 S. (Broadway). You can just google it if you need the exact address. There are some other really cool vintage shops nearby, so definitely go check it out!

The Schroaders said...

Indeed that is a true BLESSING! We are so glad that it is not cancer. These moments in life surely help us realize how important our loved ones are and that we need to cherish them every day!

Ryan and Ashlie Elmer said...

i am so glad she is doing good. diane has been updating us on all her dr. appts. so we are so glad things went well. i love your parents so much, and your mom is so hilarious my boys love her too. we have missed having them around this tax season. please let them know we love them and have missed them. :) seth missed them at mini golf.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I'm thankful that the there was no cancer involved. Here's praying for a good recovery. She's our adopted grandma too wheither she likes it or not!
Oh yes, I am procrastinating. Still not done packing. Why do I do this to myself?

The Pollard Family said...

Kem what a blessing that your mom is doing a little better. I hope her recovery goes well! I ran into your blog from Jackie's. If you email me I'll have your email address and then I'll send you an invite to ours. -Kirsten:)

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