Monday, December 29, 2014

Whole 30? Why Not?

Have you heard of Whole 30?
Yes it's an elimination diet! Yes it looks hard! Yes it looks like a lot of Benjamin's $$$! 
Is it completely doable on a tight budget?  Heck Yes!

Starting Monday January 5th I will be kicking a Whole 30!
Why not the 1st, like everyone else?
While I'll admit that starting Jan 1st sounds all nice and pretty, but
it has a few flaws for me.  My husband and children will still be on Christmas break and 
don't you feel like Monday is always the best day to start anything?

I've decided to blog through out the process.
Here's why!
1.  Accountability!!!!!!! 

2.  I'm on a tight budget! Like $100 a week to feed my family of 7.
To make this doable in my budget,
I will be price matching at Walmart. :-(.  Such a pain but so worth it.
I will be making my menu from what I price match.
 I will post the menu and grocery list.

3.  It's always funner to do things with a group!
So who's with me?  I'm giving you a week to gear up.
Megan I'm looking at you!

If you're in, leave a comment, email me, text, call.
Let's just do this!  Cheers to health!
Cheers to acting and not being acted upon! 

P.S.  I started a whole 30 back in June,  I lasted about 14 days and than a vaca to California 
got in the way.  Somethings I learned in those 14 days.  
About day 3 is super hard!  I've never been hung over but I think that it must feel something like day 3.
After that it was great,  my mind was clear and I felt amazing.  I lost about 10 lbs in that time and kept it off for about 4 months after.  It's so doable, come on and do it with me.


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