Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Blues

It's winter, it's cold!
(I must confess it's been nice to have some upper 30 deg days lately) 
 I keep trying to talk my husband into moving to Sacramento.
I miss the 50 deg winters of Cali.
I have the January blues.
I need me some vitamin D stat.
This pic of Milo made me smile.
It made me happy and feel like summer sunshine is just around the corner.
For now I might go tanning?
I think I'll pick up a good book, maybe take the kids swimming?
Stop to smell some sunscreen. (one of my fav smells)
Get my butt to the gym and eat a yummy salad.
Maybe I'll organize a little bit and or a lot.
I think a project maybe in order.
Anything to help pass the cold away.
Spring and Summer see you soon I hope.

1 comment:

JodiJ said...

Ahhh... I couldn't agree more.. I cant wait for warmer weather!!

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