Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Art Project

Being married to an artistie guy is amazing.
Justin the week before Easter painted a new painting that represents when 
our Savior will come again and we will be reunited with Levi.
Honestly it filled my heart with so much love and hope and filled it with a deep longing for 
that day which seems forever away.
At times my heartaches for the babies we have lost.
I am grateful for this heartache, because it has helped me understand how strong
that longing is for someone who desperately wants a child who they can't have.
I think of Hannah praying at the wall and pouring out her heart for a child,
I know something of that heartache and I can relate to her in a whole new way.
What joy and peace she must have felt when the Prophet Eli told her the Lord had heard
and would bless her with Samuel.   

We are so very loved, a Family is Forever!

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