Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Way To Go, Mom Moment!

Tonight I feel mom regret, we've all felt it.

Milo and Evie destroyed the bathroom!
Hairspray on the mirror, blush all over the sink, toilet and Milo's cheeks,
water all over the floor!
They're bigger now and so I don't feel like I have to stand guard over them!
So I sat and looked at pinterest and homes for sale, while they played mayhem and foolishness.
I quickly washed hair and scolded because I can multitask.
I cleaned the bathroom and went to change over the laundry to find wet laundry on the floor because
why wait for the dryer to be done when you can throw them on the ground and
wash what you want!
Needless to say this was the finally straw and I threw a fit!
I yelled and admonished and sent everyone to bed!
Milo and Evie asked for their bedtime stories, foolish children you get
no bedtime stories when you destroy my home!

Everyone went to bed sad, and I sadly write this post.

I am tired and drained and feel completely empty.
Which is why I flipped out and forgot what was important.
My children feel asleep with their last interaction with me yelling!
There was no scriptures or prayer and no bedtime story and no kiss.

Is it okay to destroy the bathroom?  Heck No!
Is it okay to dump out the wet laundry? Double Heck No!
Is it okay for me to flip out?  Triple Heck No!

I should have had Milo and Evie help me clean up their mess and then had them help with
something in the morning to make up for the time they cost me.
I should have called down my older ones and taught them proper laundry etiquette,
then put them in charge of making sure the wet laundry was rewashed, dried and folded.  

Instead I did all the work grudgingly and now fell even more tired, drained and empty.
Plus I added a nice helping of mom guilt!

I know how I should have handled the evening.
I'm not going to beat myself up to much over it.  I'll allow a healthy amount of guilt
to help lead me to better behavior in the future. 
I'll apologies and talk to them about what each of us should have done
and if I'm smart I'll share a quick thought on repentance and our loving Savior.

Goodnight all and here's to the morning!
Which makes everything a little nicer and clearer!

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heidi said...

I've done similar so many times I would never even try to keep track but I've let go of mom guilt-- one less step from blow up to falling on my pillow from exhaustion hahaha

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