Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mr Blue Sky

Fisher Isaac Thompson
Mr Blue Sky!
7 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches

On June 17 2016 we welcomed Fisher into our family!
We fell instantly in love.

He is named Fisher after my Grandpa Fisher, my mother's father.
Isaac partly because I love the name and the meaning and 
partly because he is my son who we had in our old age ;)
and we waited along time for him to join our family!

His entry into the world was completely normal and insanely wonderful.
I was induced at 38 weeks, which was the only perk of having gestational diabetes,
which we jokingly called babybetes.

My labor only lasted about 6 hours and once Fisher was handed to me he
cried for a good 2 and a half hours!
I was afraid he came out with colic and for the next foreseeable future
he would be crying and I was pretty sure I would be crying right along with him. 
Luckily my fears where unfounded and he is a wonderful baby.

The night of his birth we had lots of family and friends visit,
which I loved!
My favorite was when my other kids got to meet their new brother!
Lauren thanked me for having him.
Dallin was in the hospital because his meds were getting changed
and Mike still wasn't home from his group home.
It broke my heart not having them there and the fact that my mom was missing!
I may have had a good cry about it in the early morning hours
 as I held my fresh from heaven baby boy.

Dallin meet him when he was 4 days old and Mike when he was a month.

I am so grateful to once again be a new mom!
He has healed my heart in so many ways.
He is a little piece of heaven.

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