Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bike Trailers?

I have been wanting a bike trailer forever and now that the sun is

starting to shine its time to get more proactive in

finding what is right for me and my 2 little ones

Chariot 2x

I love this one it has a lot of attachments like a cross country skiing and

hiking one. I don't cross country ski but I do love to snow shoe and think that

it might just work for both. But alas it runs over $900 without all the

lovely attachments and I'm pretty sure Justin would have me committed just for

mentioning it.

Which bring us to,

Burley D'lite

This bike trailer also has great attachments like a jogger and

cross counter skiing but at a better price and somewhat better reviews.

It starts at around $580 which while still costly it is worth the price

because its to things in one a trailer and a jogger.

Which is what I'll tell the hubs once I have saved up the money.

I think I'll also paint a picture of laughing children out in nature, of long moonlit

bike rides with our 5 children (maybe I'll leave out the 5 children) and maybe a picnic by a waterfall.

Yup that should do it.


Also how cool is this! If I had but one baby I would

by this in a heartbeat. Maybe down the road when both of them

are older I'll get 2 and those moonlit rides will be with both of us pulling

a laughing child.
Also make sure you come by this Saturday and support the charity yard sale.
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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

You are a funny girl!!

There is always the Costco one for less then $150. That way you can enjoy a few days at the swimming pool too!

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