Saturday, June 25, 2011

What time is it?

I found this amazing clock at the DI.
I must say that I fell hard for it.  I love the clean lines
the numbers on the glass.  It totally reminded me
of a clock you might find in a school gym in the 50's
So what else could I do but take a chance on it
and bring it home to meet the family.

Now that it was apart of my life I didn't know just
how to handle it.  I thought of vintage fabric or maybe some
vintage wall paper.  Then in April Conference I heard
"There is only one that she didn’t put with the others.
It is still behind the glass in our kitchen clock.
 It reads, “Jeanene, it is time to tell you I love you.”
It remains there and reminds me of that exceptional daughter of Father in Heaven."
I Loved the saying and I thought of my clock but alas
as life does it got in the way and I forgot all about it.
Until this past June Relief Society Activity
where my RS President Sister Thompson quoted it.

So I decided to act and to act fast before anything could

I sprayed painted the inside and out.

and my amazing friend Megan used her mad cricket skills
to cut out the letters.

Next we used spray adhesive to adhere the letters
and for good measure I modge podge them on.

Don't you love it!!!! I do!!!

Here's a cost run down.
Clock  $8.00
Spray Paint $3.00
(I bought the blue at a store closing for 69 cents)
Paper $3.50
Grand total $14.50

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