Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Awesome

Lately I have been think a lot about self improvement.
I feel like while yes I am awesome, I have stayed at this level of awesome for far to long.
I want to teach my chicklets that life is about continual learning.
That tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to live a better life. 

All of the sudden I have older kids, even teenagers and I'm all like crap, you need to know so much so soon.
Like how to cook and laundry and finances, running a house hold.
I suck at all these things, so I am on a quest to improve myself so that I can have
children who move away and don't move back into my basement because I didn't teach them real life skillz.
Lets face it Dallin is 15 and in 3 short years he will be off, who knows where serving a mission and Mike will be right after him, were not ready!!!  Lauren is 11 so as I'm learning and helping her older brothers, she'll be right there learning as well.  Who am I kidding, she is already a better homemaker then me, she came out responsible, loving and organized.  Maybe she can teach us a thing or 2.
Mostly I worry about their relationship with our Savior and their Heavenly Father.
Do they know how important they are in our life's?

My hope is that as I learn and grow, I will have insight into how to teach them and help them become the people the Lord expects them to be.  That as they watch Justin and I work on our marriage, they will see what a loving couple should look like.  A marriage with the Lord at the center.

Here's to growth and not being afraid of looking into your own nitty gritty.
Here's to five wonderful and amazing chicklets, that I am blessed to help raise and the always devilishly handsome man who is my partner in all this craziness.

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megitys said...

This is a great post! I've been struggling with (I guess we all do) remembering that I am doing the Lord's work, even if it is mundane work. Work that doesn't appear to be done right after it has been done and then one has to re-do the work yet again. But am I building up these little souls right? I feel that they do more good for me then I do for them most days. And for the record, you are awesomesauce. Now, I don't understand why you didn't call right after this was posted. It's been up for 12 mins! :)

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