Thursday, February 6, 2014

Menu Thursday

I am changing things up a bit in the hopes of saving a buck or two.
In stead of shopping weekly I am going to stretch it out to every 10 days.
I have a few friends who do this and it works great for them.
One of them gets paid once a month and and some that get paid every 2 weeks.
I am hoping that one day I'll find the secret code to this whole grocery shopping thing.
Who knows maybe this is it.
I am keeping my budget the same but just stretching out how long it has to last by 3 days.
$175 for 7 days is about $25 a day but $175 for 10 days is $17.50 a day.
Which is a difference of  $7.50 a day.
So my monthly food budget of $700 is now $525, which saves $175.
Which might not sound like a bunch, but its $2100 a year, come on that's Christmas, or a vacation.
All that money just for adding 3 days to my budget. Crazy!

I'm going to double it and freeze half of it for later.

Also going to double and freeze this as well.

Stir Fry 

Shredded Beef Taco's



BBQ Chicken 


Left Overs

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