Friday, September 26, 2014

Come and Listen

It's that time again!
I am so excited to share an evening with my girl,
to feel the spirit and to talk about faith!

 These pics are from last March, Lauren's first time going with me to General Woman's Conference.
I love that they have changed the age.

Lauren is about to turn 12 in November and I have been think a lot about my little girl
starting a new chapter in her life and entering into Young Woman's.
I'm still in shock that she's that old. Crazy!

I pray that my girl will be true to her faith, that she'll stand up for what she believes and for those around her.
I hope that she'll always know her Father in Heaven and Savior.
That she'll rely on their love for her when hard times come.

She is golden and I pray she'll stay that way!

How lucky am I to be her mother and how lucky are we that we can go and share a
few hours surrounded by women of faith and to hear council tailored by church leaders for women.
Man the Lord loves us and is mindful of our needs.
As hard as life is with all its trails, what a lucky people we are.
We may have whirlwinds surround us,  hurt and heart ache,  bills may pile up and worry abounds,
but we have the gospel, we have a Prophet, we have the temple, the Holy Ghost is our companion 
and priesthood power.  Most of all we have a Father who love's us and a Savior who's
infinite atonement can save us all.  He has paid the price he has bought and paid for us all,
all we have to do is let him in, to rely on him, to use what he has so dearly given us.

We are a Lucky people!

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