Friday, September 12, 2014

Northern Lights and What Not

Guess what? 
Tonight you can see the northern lights.
I have always want to see them but not enough to go to Alaska.
I can hardly stand winter in Utah, why would I want to double it.
I also want to see fire flies,  I don't see them migrating my way.
I've been to Oklahoma but sadly didn't see any.
Are there fire flies in Oklahoma?
Anyway's back to topic.
Here's a map to see if your in a spot of the country to see them.

Sorry Oklahoma no northern lights for you.

And now for your viewing pleasure a bunch of super rad pictures
of wolfs and the northern lights, oh and a cat or 2.
I like to keep it classy.

Some of these I really like, some I think are hilarious.
I'll let you decided which.

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megitys said...

Ry is a proud owner of the three cats playing the piano t-shirt. He wears it often.

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