Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Too Soon

My mom has days maybe hours left on this earth.
It is heart breaking.

I look at this photo and my heart breaks for Evie.
Oh Evie,  you have had so little time with your grandma.
I promise you will know her and know what an amazing grandma you have.
I know that your memories will be faint if you have any at all.
So we will tell you all about grandma, you will see photos,
you will here her silly joke about cannibal clowns and how she always told it wrong.

Your grandma is leaving this earthly body but she is not leaving us.
We are sealed as a family and she will be there when we need her.
I will make sure you know her, so that when she is close you will know that your grandma is near by.
That she is helping you through hard times and rejoicing with you during the good times.
We are lucky to have her.  We are lucky to be loved by her.

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heidi said...

My prayers are with you Kem. I love you.

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