Monday, September 8, 2014

Thompson Home

Lately I have been thinking about our home.
What do I want it to look like, feel like.
How do I want it to show and represent who the Thompson's are.
I have been praying and thinking about should
we stay in our present home or find a new place to hang our hats.
I know the Lord will lead us and I pray we will be open to what he says.

Something I would love if we are directed to move, is a view of the Temple.
One that is seen ever day.  
I would love to look out the windows of my home and see the House of the Lord.
The Temple stands as a testament.
It has power to lift and to guide.
Just seeing it can bring peace to my trouble heart.
It reminds me of my purpose on this earth, that my family is eternal.
The Temple strengthens me, my marriage and my family.
I love the Temple.

One day I would love to give the gift of a daily view of the Temple to my children,
but for now I'll settle for pictures of the Temple in my home and a view from Costco.

I am lucky that we love where we are in our happy little home.
We have been so blessed to live so close to my parents and right now with all
that is going on with my mom, I would be happy to stay put for a bit longer.

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megitys said...

All you need for a view to the temple is a lot of mula. However, you can have a view of the Ogden temple for cheaper then your current situation. :) It's a pretty temple. You just have to make sure you have extra security. Har, har, har. I'm not funny. Love you guys!

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