Friday, November 21, 2014

Dallin's 16!!!

Dallin turned 16 in October!
With everything that was going on with my mom, he really got shafted 
on his sweet 16.
He is an amazing young man!
He is funny, kind and loves his tuba!
He has had to deal with more then most adults ever will this year.
He has done it with courage and honesty.
Asking for help when needed, 
which for his strong will personality can be insanely hard for him.
Watching him this year has been humbling for this mama.
He loves the Lord and puts his trust in him.

He was also ordained a Priest by Justin.
I think my heart was about to burst listening to him bless the Sacrament!

Dallin isn't a fan of cake and so every year he gets a Birthday Pie!

We spent the day as a family and went to Smith and Edwards.
Dallin's happy place! :)

 No trip to S&W is complete without trying on hats.

Or embarrassing your children!

Pretending to be Elsa for Evie.

Then we headed over to another favorite place Pineview.
The kids loved throwing rocks!

And because no trip would be complete without a little sass!

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