Friday, November 14, 2014

Dropped a Stitched or Two

One day you decide to make a hot pad to save a few dollars
 because somehow all of yours have disappeared!
You spend 3 evenings working on it while you watch Christmas movies on Netflix.
For which your children mock you because it's not even Thanksgiving.
At this moment you keep to yourself that you honestly would watch cheesy Christmas movies 
any time, any day.  You console yourself with the knowledge that you still wouldn't make
your kids watch the shows at amusement parks like all the other mom's out there.
Yup you can hang onto that amount of coolness and no one need ever know
that a little part of you wouldn't mind watching one.

As you're watching said Christmas shows you figure counting stitches really isn't important.
You notice that somehow your hot pad looks more like a trapezoid and less like a square.
You think not a big deal after all a trapezoid is Milo's favorite shape.
You think I'll just start adding a stitch and it will all be fine because no way your going to 
unwind it and start over, I mean you're already 11/2 Christmas movies in.
You finally finish, text a picture to your sister who is crocheting amazing hats for all your kids.
Laugh with your husband on your awesome talent and start crocheting another hot pad.
Yes you could have just gone to Dollar Tree but what's the fun in that.

I'm super glad that I learned how to make hot pads with my mom.
I am sure she is laughing at my epic fail, along with us.
Relationships go on, even if the person has passed on.
My silly hot pad was a nice reminder.
Love you always mom!
Even if you would make us stop and watch the amusement park shows! 


megitys said...

You're mom would be laughing is hard! I can hear her laughter now.

megitys said...

So hard. Not is hard. That's just weird.

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