Monday, November 17, 2014

Silly Girls

Tonight I listened as Lauren taught Evie about pray and how it can help her life.
She talked to her about how if someone was being mean to her that she could pray and ask for help,
that she didn't need to fold her arms, she could just say it in her head.
Lauren told her how Heavenly Father would hear her and help her.

I love eavesdropping on their bedtime conversations.
I love seeing their sisterly bond.
I love that the 7 year age difference hasn't dampened their connection.
Lauren who has always been so mature and nurturing verse Evie's wild free spirit.
I am amazed at how they care and love each other.
You will hear Evie say almost daily that Lauren is her BFF,
I'm sure that once she gets a little more hip it'll change to Bae, you know like all the other 4 year old.

Lauren is so very patient with her little counterpart. 
She has her moments but when I remind her of how young Evie really is
and how would she handle the situation if Evie was someone she babysat and not her little sister,
she can get Evie to do things that no one else could.

I am so grateful to have my little ladies.
It's going to be fun to see them grow and help one another through life.

Side note of their different personalities.
Lauren and Evie both were whining to me.
I mimicked their behavior back at them.
Lauren stomped to her room and told me I was so rude,
and later apologizes.
Evie laughed, kissed me and told me how funny I was.
That could just be the difference between 4 and 11!

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