Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Pixie Update! Month 4!

Holy Cow! 4 months already!
For a little while I moved to Mulletown.  
I had a nice little home next to Billy Ray and John Stamos.
I never did get to meet Macgyver which broke my achy breaky heart.
(Sorry about that, I could restrain myself)

It was a bright sunny day when I left, hopefully never to return!

The trick to growing out a pixie is keeping out of Mulletown!
You can't just let it go because the hair in the back grows faster than the front.
You hair needs to be reshaped every so often to keep it fresh and healthy.

 My hair dresser Tracy chopped off the mullet and rounded everything up nicely!

 Not wanting to lose any length in the front she just trimmed the every edges to help freshen everything up.

This is a long process and I can't wait to have my hair long again.

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heidi said...

haha no more Larry!

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