Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Feast!

My boy's wanted Chuck a Rama for our back to school feast,
sadly or happily depending on which family member you talk too, our feast this year was on Sunday.
So Chuck a Rama was a no go!
To make up we spent Saturday rednecking it up at Smith & Edwards and the North Ogden Fish Farm.
My kids love feeding the fish.

We had two main dishes all a Chuck a Rama style.
Sheppard Pie
Temple Chicken
French Bread
(Which have you tried the Lighthouse Greek Yogurt Ranch, so good.)
Orange Julius

 Lauren Photo Bombing the food pictures.

After dinner Justin gave the kids their Fathers Blessings.
Then we introduced the kids to this school years theme.

I am going to make my own typography, but my photoshop was 
acting up, so lucky I found this print out.

We selected this quote because our boy are becoming men and we want them to be strong men of God,
Lauren is turning 12, my older 3 are no longer little and need to stand on their own testimony.
To stand for what they know is right, to not care what others may say or think about them.
To stand with the lord.

We had the kids think of  school year goals earlier in the day.
We went over each of them and ways they could accomplish them.

Dallin (10th Grade),
Maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

Mike (9th Grade),
Make the track team.

Lauren (6th Grade),
To have no missing assignments, and tryout for Student Government.

Milo (Kindergarten),
Learn how to read.

Genevieve (Preschool),
To learn how to write her numbers and letters.
Not letters and numbers, numbers and letters.

I love this tradition and I am so grateful to have a night dedicated to our family, our faith and the Lord.


megitys said...

Sounds like you had a great night! I like your theme too. I've decided that I can take the week (or maybe a month) to find one. Love yer cute familia!

Alisa Rasmussen said...

You are awesome. Those are some lucky kids to have you and Justin as parents.

Elise said...

We did the exact thing sunday night. Great idea and I love that we can start it too. love your theme! May have to use it later when my kids get older. Right now I need to keep it short and sweet :) Also, did Pres. Hinckley actually say scrub? that's awesome :)

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