Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They Call Her, Evie 2 Wheels. Because She Always Rides With 2 Wheels

So I was standing there looking at my laundry,
thinking I really should take care of it,  when Milo came
running into tell me he taught Evie to ride a 2 wheeler.

So I stood there and made the hard choice to leave my pile of laundry.
As we walked out to the front yard Milo told me all about how he taught her.
How he didn't need to hold on for to long, just a little bit.

Milo would get her going and then follow her around clapping and jumping up and down.
She was all smiles and enjoyed her new found skill like only Evie can.

Don't mind her hair,  her friends dog loves to chomp on it.

Luckily, Justin was on prep so I could call and let him know right away.
He was super happy and proud of both of his little people.
He also was a little sad,  Evie is our baby and his last one we get to
teach this kinda of stuff too.
In fact his quote was 
"I kinda feel like the therapist on What About Bob and got cheated out of teaching my son how to dive"
Mostly he was just thrilled and loved that this is something that they can share forever.

 I was feeling nothing but happy loving feelings for these 2 little folk.
One of those being a mom rocks moments.
Then I look out the window.
Happy!  Loving!  Feelings!

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