Saturday, August 9, 2014

To Pixie or To Not

At the moment I am trying to decide if it's time to grow out my Pixie?
So hard!
On one hand I love how easy it is,  most days it takes like 2 min to do my hair.
On the other hand, I have always wanted to be that old lady with the amazing long gray hair.

Okay now I want to be that old lady with amazing hair and a horse!

I know I have years before this is even any issue, but if I don't start somewhere
my dream will never come true and I'll just be an old lady mom with short hair.
(which is fine, but not my dream)
I seriously have wanted this since my good old high school days and you can't
fight what a 16 year old heart wants.

Thanks for the help blogger, it is now time to grow out my pixie.
I'll share the good and the ugly.

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