Thursday, August 21, 2014

Month 2 in the Great Pixie Grow Out

Just popping in for a 2 month update.
If I was keeping my pixie, I would be itching for a cut.
Oh no, not this time, because it's the.....

I am going to wait as long as I can to go in for a trim/reshape.
I'm hoping to make it another month, but that's hoping that I won't be 
sporting a mullet.  If that happens I'll be running to my salon.

Let me say, I am supper awkward with getting my picture taken.
I keep making duck lips, not trying they just natural come.
I am also talented in the crazy eye category.
Oh and keeping my eyes open, yeah right.  

Just keeping it real folks.

Thanks Megan, for enduring my duck lip, crazy eye, closed eyes and shooting these photos for me.

1 comment:

megitys said...

Picture taking was the highlight of the day! And for the record, you kept the duck face at bay. :)

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