Monday, August 11, 2014

Heaven is Here

My friend Megan just let me borrow her copy of Stephanie Nielson's 
a.k.a. NieNie, book Heaven is Here.

This isn't the first time I have had a chance to read her book,
but it is the first time I actually sat down and read it.
It's not that I didn't want to but I feel the Lord new that I would
need her words of encouragement now!

I have to say that this has been the hardest year of my life.
I'm not being dramatic, but honest.
Harder then Dallin's life threatening asthma.
Harder then Justin losing his job.
Harder then Evie cutting her nerve that controlled her fingers.
(which she has made a full recovery, thankfully)
Harder then losing babies.
Well miscarrying in January is part of this being my hardest year.

I'm not going to get into why or anything.
Just trust me. Hard!

I know the Lord is always their for me and like Stephanie's
dad says in the book "he is in control".
I needed her words of comfort and strength and faith.
It wasn't easy and she suffered and was depressed,
but the Lord saw her threw it all.
Just like he'll lead my family and I have no doubt that he does.

If you know someone who could use a little pick me up, a little your not alone,
a little the Lord is on your side, a little you can do hard things.
Might I suggest this book.

We are going to show our kids this video for family home evening and talk about
how we have so many things pulling at us, but we can always knell, pray and ask the Lord.

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