Monday, October 21, 2013

Casualy Wanting

Do you ever run to the book store looking for a novel?
Something new and amazing?

That is how I came to read Casual Vacancy.
It was late and the store was about to close, so I quickly bought a book I felt safe with,
I trusted Rowling's to lead me down an amazing tell.

I was lead down a well written soap opera. 
This book is dark and shows the worst of humanity.
Completely depressing but not in the good Wuthering Heights way.
(I have never actually read WH but in High School I did watch the move because Ralph Fiennes was in it,  I also watch Quiz Show about a million times for the same reason.  Funny that he's Voldemort 
in the Harry Potter movies.)

One day I was having a crap day and sat down to read and forget my troubles for a little while,
I was about halfway threw the book and was like why am I reading something that is only bring me down and has no uplifting value and at times is trying to be funny but can't even pull that off.
So I went out side and recycled the book.  Hopefully it can come back, be reborn into something 
the actually helps humanity. 

My friend Jen made a great point when I was telling her about the book.
"It's funny how in the depth of poverty she could write something so hopeful and while abounding with wealth write something so deprived of happiness"

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