Thursday, October 10, 2013


The other day in the parking lot of Target I unfortunately backed up into a car.
I was in the Mahonda (what the kids call our mini van), the car was small,  the sun was in my eyes and why didn't someone honk? Mostly I was distracted.  
I was thinking of everything I had to do and not about what I was doing. 

I am so very thankful for a wake up call, thank you universe for honking.
I want to live in the now and be fully engaged in whatever I am up to.
If I'm with my kids, that is where I am.
On a date with my main man,  he is my main focus.
If I am at the gym, I'm not thinking about the dishes at home, I'm there trying not to fall on my face as I do one more burpee.  
(Dear Burpee, I kinda hate you.)

In all that I have to do, I never want that to get in the way of who and what I love.
The people who fill up our live's are of way more worth then the things that fill up our to do list.

Why are all my Oprah ah ha moments at Target?
Life lesson on aisle 5, right between the Nate Berkus lamp and the Halloween Decor.

P.S. Just in case your wondering, my mini van has buns of steal and only inflicted damage.  Good thing because we just bought it.

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