Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Tonight while I was reading my little one's their bedtime story from a library book which is over due,
I had the thought Hooray for Fish more like Hooray for Bedtime.
I was sleepy and just exhausted and I couldn't wait to get my kids to bed so I could just rest.
Then at the end of the book the baby fish finds his mommy fish and they kiss and tell each other they love them.  All at once I was like "Hooray for Fish" is awesome and Hooray for Life even more awesome.  I could have gone from sleepy to delirious, either way it made me think of all that I have to say Hooray for.

 Hooray for Autumn days and Gelato!

 Hooray for Playing in the Rain!

Hooray for Naps!

Hooray for Story Time with Dad!

Hooray for Girl's Days!

Hooray for Big Brothers who ride the Tea Cups with the Little Ones!

Hooray for Super Cheesy Art!

Hooray for Being Able to Sleep Anywhere!

Hooray for Sneaking Out of Bed!

Hooray for Zebras in Water Drains!

 Hooray for Dressing up like Moon Rise Kingdom!

Hooray for the Tuba and Swimming!

Hooray for Family!

Hooray for the Temple!

Hooray for a Living Prophet!

and for my Savior and Redeemer!

P.S All but the last 2 photos came from my phone, so sorry about the super great quality.

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heidi said...

Man, Hooray for Cheesy Art would be a fantastic blog!

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