Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Fantastic Wes Anderson

I think I have found my husbands Christmas present.
We love Wes Anderson.  I mean love.
I want him to come and  script my life and design my home.
Since I can't have that, I can at least have a book, um for my husband.

Mike doing his best Sam from Moonrise Kingdom

I want to live in a Wes Anderson home as you already know, now you can see kinda why.
Favorite line from this clip "He dresses us in  short pants to make us look like someone to mug", or something like that.

We love the Fantastic Mr Fox.
I could also live in their tree but I am not the size of a fox or animated.
You can tell when we have watch it because we say cuss a lot.

If you also are a Wes Anderson fan you can grab his book on Amazon.

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